Saturday 5th July 2014: 22nd International Swimmers Meet in Bühl (Schwarzwaldbad)

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Since 1993 our Swimming Club (Schwimmteam Bühl) has been organising a yearly competition so-called Bühler Schwimm-Meeting

Every year end June / beginning July many teams from different countries with around 450 swimmers come to Bühl (the plum city) and participate in this competition.

On Saturday 5th July 2014 our 22st Meeting took place at Schwarzwaldbad.

For more details please see under announcement and competition definition list:

Announcement (PDF format, in German)
Competition Definition List (DSV format)

Final registrations (PDF format, in German)


Protocol (PDF format)

Overall results in DSV format (zip file)

Medals count (PDF format)
Team overall ranking (PDF format)

Special awards winners (PDF format)
Special awards results in detail
(PDF format, as zip file)


Preliminary report dated 17th June 2014 (in German)
2nd preliminary report dated 1st July 2014 (in German)
Retrospective report dated 8th July 2014 (in German)


Thanks a lot for the great day! We hope you appreciated the event.
See you next year! Have a good time!